We were established in 2001, and are authorised by the Financial Services Board to provide short-term commercial (your business) and personal (motor and household) insurance services and advice. We are independent of any insurance company and do not hold any interest in an insurance company nor they in us.

Why Fairhurst?

  • HONESTY AND INTEGRITY – are the core values you can rely on for peace of mind when you entrust the handling of insurance to Fairhurst
  • FAIRNESS – we put you in an equal bargaining position with insurers
  • TRANPARENCY – we empower you to make informed decisions
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL – we cross the t’s and dot the i’s
  • IMPARTIALITY – we are not biased towards or against any particular insurer
  • INDEPENDENCE – we are independent and offer advice on the market as a whole
  • CHOICE – we have full access to the insurance marketplace and can therefore offer you choice
  • PERSONAL TOUCH – we will take time out to assess and understand your  needs and offer advice on risks to be insured
  • PRODUCT RANGE – we have access to a variety of companies’ products and so can compare and contrast different offerings of different companies in order to advise you of the best policy to take out
  • BEST PRICE- we will find the best price for the most appropriate product from the best Product Provider in the market to suit your needs
  • MARKET SERVICE STANDARDS – we know our market and can assess which Product Provider provides the best quality service for you
  • CLAIMS – in this most important area of all which deals with the key reason for the purchase of the product in the first instance we will guide you through the claims process and effectively manage the claim on your behalf… taking away the burden and stress of claims handling from you

Fairhurst Risk Solutions

Physical Address:
462B Queen’s Crescent
Lynnwood, 0081

Postal Address:
PO Box 74346
Lynnwood Ridge, 0040

Tel:012 348 9610
Fax:086 503 5353

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